Outboard Motor Storage Rates
**includes winterization**
(removal and installation)

 1 – 15  HP –  $150.00
16 – 30 HP – $167.00

31 – 64 HP – $190.00, plus R&I by the hour
65 – 89  HP – $200.00, plus R&I by the hour
90 – 150 HP – $240.00, plus R&I by the hour
All V-6’s – $280.00, plus R&I by the hour

Basic Winterize ONLY *Does not include parts/labor to install*

1-15  HP – $115.00
16-30  HP – $135.00
31-125  HP – $150.00
All V6’s – $165.00

4-Stroke – $55.00 extra (includes Verados)

On-Premise Outside Storage/shrink wrapped…
Storage is $43.00 per foot/see sheets for storage rates explanation

Shrink Wrapping is $19.00 per foot…

Cleaning and painting bottom of boat…labor by the hour and materials

Mercruiser Winterization is time plus parts, there is “no” set price, each model varies in time…

Boat Storage Includes:
Picking up boat at launch ramp and use of our yard trailer, washing of underside of boat. Shrink wrap boat for outside storage. In the spring, we unwrap boat, have it washed up, battery charged and engine running and ready for pickup or in some cases delivering back to launch ramp. In cases where the customers have their own trailer and deliver to us, there is a rate adjustment.


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